17 Kasım 2010 Çarşamba

Historical documents...

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  1. Who is the tourist?
    Nice shots!

  2. Did you know that one of your followers cheats his readers saying that the pictures in his blog were taken by him?
    Paco Merlo Ansín: http://pacomerloansin.blogspot.com/
    takes the images without the consent of other artists from porfolios of images banks and publish them as if were his
    Because you are a photographer, I alert you of this circumstance
    Sorry about my English (my turkish is worse)and for using the comments to tell you this; the thing is tha I didn't find an e-mail address to do it

  3. Has pillado in fraganti a la reportera. Un momento mágico.
    Un abrazo!

  4. Gracias por la visita.Tienes un blog con unas imagenes preciosas.
    Ha partir de hoy ya tienes otro seguidor,estaré alerta de tu obra.
    Coloco un enlace de tu blog en el mio.
    Hasta siempre.

  5. Beautiful and interesting images. I have enjoyed my visit and love your photography. I will 'follow' and visit you again soon, and I invite you to visit me too!

  6. Very beautiful photos. I like black and white!

  7. Qué imágenes!!!!! Maravilloso!!!!!